MISS DIG 811 Education Department

The MISS DIG 811 Education Department is responsible for promoting public awareness of underground facility damage prevention practices. The Education Department provides knowledge and training to facility owners/operators, utility locators, excavators, and the public in pursuit of reducing damages to underground facilities in Michigan. Once the level of awareness and education/certification increases across the state, the department will look to certify industry stakeholders to become active advocates of the damage prevention message within their locality. To this end, MISS DIG 811 is requesting that companies across the state join in sharing the MISS DIG 811 Safe Digging message.


Congratulations to Nagelkirk Landscape in Marquette!!

Nagelkirk Landscape had their free lunch delivered to them for winning the contest for sending in a picture proudly displaying the MISS DIG 811 banner at their place of business honoring the Safe Digging message.  They said, "Thank you so much for everything!  This is an awesome win for Nagelkirks!"   Congratulations again Nagelkirks and please keep spreading the message!


MISS DIG 811 LIVE! Teleconferences

The Education Team offers monthly MISS DIG 811 LIVE! Teleconferences (see choices in Schedule of Upcoming Events below) on a variety of MISS DIG 811-related topics. These teleconferences allow the sharing of damage prevention information while serving as an open forum between excavators, facility owners, locators, and other interested parties to discuss projects, concerns, and trends without leaving their jobsite or office.

You are welcome to attend any teleconference that fits your schedule.  If there is a topic you would like to see discussed, please send an email to  education@missdig811.org or call the MISS DIG 811 Education Team at 811 ext. 5.

Monthly Teleconference Topics and Documents

September 2018
August 2018
July 2018
June 2018
May 2018
April 2018
March 2018
February 2018
January 2018
2017 Teleconferences

December 2017
November 2017
October 2017
September 2017
August 2017
  • MISS DIG Topic: MISS DIG 811 Tools & Resources including Enhanced Positive Response, Near Ticket, Web Ticket Management System, e-Suite
July 2017
  • MISS DIG Topic: How do I know when it's safe to dig? What should I do when it's not?
June 2017
  • MISS DIG Topic: NEAR TICKET- giving you the ability to see what tickets were placed in the area of your project.
May 2017
April 2017
  • MISS DIG Topic: Scope of Work including changes to utility pole guidelines
March 2017
  • MISS DIG Topic: Cross Bores & Requirements for Detection of New Facilities


MISS DIG 811 Safe Excavation Practices Certification Program

The MISS DIG 811 Safe Excavation Practices Certification Program offers excavators training and information on several safety and facility damage prevention topics at no cost. Managers are welcome to sign up for company-wide certification.  This MISS DIG 811 Certificate can be a positive statement to your customers.

In addition to the online Safe Excavation Practices Certification course, Specialists present the certification course on the road with the Safe Excavation Practices Workshops at a location near you!  (see choices in Schedule of Upcoming Events below)

If you would like to access your MISS DIG 811 Certification Account through 4iQ Solutions, please log in by clicking on this link: https://4iq.azurewebsites.net/4iq/login. Reminder: all users received an email with their new login information. If you have questions, contact please Linda Portelli by email at LPortelli@missdig811.org or by phone at (248) 370-6441.

Current MISS DIG 811 Training Modules include:

  • Public Act 174
  • Tools and Resources
  • Pipeline Safety
  • Overhead Electric
  • Locator Services

Benefits of Certification:

  • Safe excavation practices prevent injuries, property damage, outages, project delays, and high costs
  • Safety is our highest priority.  Hold your employees and hired contractors to the highest excavation standards.
  • It’s a great way to market your company when your employees are safety certified!


Member Benefits: Remote Member Access and Ticket Management System

Member facilities interested in learning more about Remote Member Access (RMA) to the MISS DIG 811 system or about our low-cost MISS DIG 811 Ticket Management System (TMS) designed to handle MISS DIG 811 tickets, should contact Member Support at membersupport@missdig811.org

Damage Prevention Association Support

If you are interested in re-establishing Damage Prevention Association (DPA) meetings in your local area, please feel free to contact the Education Department at education@missdig811.org  for suggestions.  A member of the Education Team will participate in several of your DPA meetings throughout the year to provide educational information, updates, and helpful material. We will also promote your efforts on our website and in our newsletters.


Online Ticket Entry

Remote Ticket Entry and Design Ticket Entry training (2 hours) remain available.

Remote Ticket Entry (RTE) allows authorized contractors and MISS DIG Members to enter Dig Notice requests over the Internet 24/7.  With basic access, regular 3 business-day tickets can be entered.  RTE Users have convenient access to: 
  • Ticket Search – print copies of tickets.
  • Positive Response - Utilities post responses to ticket requests
  • NEAR Ticket – Determine which projects have tickets in the vicinity of  your worksite 
  • Ticket Entry at your convenience: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • Ticket Entry on any computer or laptop, supported with an HTML5 browser
The Design Ticket opens the lines of communication between designing firms   
and facility owners/operators.
  • Ticket Participation in this program is now mandatory for all facility owners/operators, who provide drawings or records for the area as described by the designer.
  • All communication regarding design requests will be between the designer and the facility owner/operator.

e-Locate Tickets can be easily entered for a single address without training


New!! - The NEAR TICKET for RTE and DSG user

New for RTE and DSG Users

MISS DIG 811 continues to strive to make your experience with our program more accessible, informative, and useful.

Are you interested in seeing what tickets have been entered in the area near your project?


Click NEAR TICKET to find out how it works

  • Find out if there will be other digging projects going on around your job site
  • Be able to coordinate with other contractors if there is more than one job going on at a site
  • Find out why a property was flagged


The Education Department Team

The Education Department team includes Gwen Knowles, manager, and Education Specialists: Colleen Goddard (Northern Michigan), Linda Portelli (Western Michigan), Paul Harding (Eastern Michigan), and Stephanie Boe. 
Contact the Education Department by calling 811 Ext. 5 or email education@missdig811.org   

Coming Announcements

Check dates and times below and your inbox for future announcements regarding certification workshop locations.  You can also contact us directly to become safety certified at your next company meeting or an upcoming event!


Remember, safe digging is no accident!

We hope that you will join us soon to become MISS DIG 811 Certified!


Monthly Newsletter

If you are interested in receiving MISS DIG 811's Monthly Newsletter, which includes safety related topics and events, please click here or complete the form below. 

MISS DIG 811 Schedule of Upcoming Events

Please include your company name in the message line of your RSVP.
Conferencing Phone Number: (248)724-5800
Conference ID: 827817


If you have any questions about these calls, or need any assistance in fulfilling your damage prevention requirements, MISS DIG Education Specialists are available to provide support, conduct presentations, and offer resources that can be distributed to your staff. We look forward to working with you.


East/Central Michigan – Paul Harding: (248) 370-6426, pharding@missdig811.org

Northern Michigan – Colleen Goddard: (906) 789-3083, cgoddard@missdig811.org

West/Central Michigan – Linda Portelli: (248) 370-6441, lportelli@missdig811.org

Education Manager- Gwen Knowles: (248) 370-6404, gknowles@missdig811.org

Director of Marketing – Bruce Campbell: (248) 370-6446, bcampbell@missdig811.org