MISS DIG 811 Certification Announcement:

MISS DIG 811 is pleased to announce that on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, we began utilizing 4iQ Solutions for multiple types of MISS DIG 811 training. This includes the MISS DIG 811 Certification Program.

We hope that you will find the new system easy to access when creating your account, and the MISS DIG 811 Certification Program’s content an asset to your company’s safety strategy.

If you were previously certified, you should have received an email with a link to the 4iQ login page, along with your username and password. Change your default password and update your contact information at any time by logging in and selecting the Account Settings option.

What is the MISS DIG 811 Certification Program?

MISS DIG 811 Certification Program - MISS DIG System, Inc. - MD_Cert


Under the mandate of Public Act 174, MISS DIG System, Inc. is responsible for the education of stakeholders in the excavation community, including facility owner/operators, locators, and excavators.  The course explains, in detail, the MISS DIG process and lays out damage prevention and safety practices.  It covers requirements and best practices for underground facility owners, (gas, electric, telephone, cable, fiber optic, water, sewer, etc.), as well as clarifying the requirements and best practices for those excavators working near these underground lines. 

A primary focus of this course lays out the requirements of Public Act 174, also known as the “MISS DIG LAW”.  Safe excavation is essential to the safety of utility lines, property, and human lives.  The course explains how to best interact with MISS DIG 811 to decrease the likelihood of utilities being damaged during excavation projects.  It also provides practical, up-to-date knowledge of the tools which help navigate the process and bring about the most efficient, safe outcome possible. 

Certification Topics

  •  MISS DIG Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Public Act 174 of 2013
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Excavator's and member Utilities' Roles
  • Overhead Electric Safety
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Placing a Request through MISS DIG 811
  • Pipeline Safety
    • Excavator's Duties
    • Emergency Situations
  • Locator Services
    • Member Utility Locator's Role
    • How Locator Posts Results
  • Tools and Resources Overview
    • Various Programs and forms
    • Filing a Complaint


How do I become MISS DIG 811 Certified?

If you are interested in becoming MISS DIG 811 Certified, you have two options:

MISS DIG 811 Certification Program - MISS DIG System, Inc. - MISS_DIG_811_Certification

  1. The first option is to enroll in our online Certification course through 4iQ Solutions. Please click on the icon above to register.  When you register as a new user a verification link will be sent to the email address you provide (from 4iQ Solutions). Be sure to check your junk or spam folder for email, as it is occasionally received there. Once you are registered, there are seven modules accompanied by seven quizzes that must be passed to become MISS DIG 811 Certified.

  2. The second option is to attend a live workshop. Visit www.missdig811.org and click on the red “Education” link located in the banner at the top of the page. Scroll down to the MISS DIG 811 Schedule of Upcoming Events. From the list of scheduled workshops select the one that best suits your schedule, and follow the instructions that explain how to register.

You can log into your MISS DIG 811 Certification Account through 4iQ Solutions by clicking on this link: https://4iq.azurewebsites.net/4iq/login Reminder: all users received an email with their new login information. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Portelli using the contact information below.

Depending on the time of day the workshop is scheduled, breakfast or lunch will be provided by MISS DIG 811.

Currently, MISS DIG 811 Certification is good for three years. You will be notified near your certification expiration date, as well as when new certification modules are added. We plan to add new certification modules annually. So, stay tuned for update notifications.

Certificates are available to print. Once all online modules are completed and quizzes have been passed or once you have attended a Certification workshop, you can check your certification status by logging into your MISS DIG 811 Certification account and clicking on My Degrees and Certifications > Certificate.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Linda Portelli by email at LPortelli@missdig811.org or by phone at (248) 370-6441.

CEC’s are also available. The live workshop also meets requirements for Continuing Education Credits for Professional Engineers, Surveyors, Drinking Water or Wastewater Operators, and Residential Builders, Maintenance, or Alteration Contractors. By attending, taking, and passing the quizzes at the end of each section, all participants will become MISS DIG 811 Certified and earn Continuing Education Credits!

What if I want all my employees to participate?

Those companies that would like to have large numbers of their staff participate in the MISS DIG 811 Certification program can access employee participation reports, as well as take advantage of several other benefits that becoming a MISS DIG 811 Contractor Associate Member provides.

Employee participation under one company can be set up based on several different levels of Contractor Associate Membership participation: a) 25 and under, b) 26 to 100, c) 101 to 250, or d) 251 and over.

Interested in becoming an associate member? CLICK HERE