Education and Damage Prevention Associations

MISS DIG 811 is redesigning its education efforts. The previous model served us well in educating about the changes resulting from PA 174 of 2013. It is now time to move beyond education about changes in the MISS DIG Act and MISS DIG is redeveloping its education program to better support our members, and the excavating public. The transition period will begin August 1, 2016, with a formal pilot program announced November 1, 2016. Bruce Campbell will be leading this change with the assistance of Gwen Knowles and education transition team consisting of Paul Harding, Linda Portelli, Colleen Goddard, and Stephanie Boe. Bruce will take over the marketing strategy and work with our partners on the Public Awareness Committee to enhance a greater understanding of underground utility safety through MISS DIG 811.
For many years, MISS DIG has participated in Regional Damage Prevention Associations throughout the state. While a handful of long-established associations may still meet, MISS DIG is offering an alternative to the previously held physical meetings and will be offering monthly Damage Prevention Teleconferences in each of the state’s geographic regions.
These calls allow the sharing of damage prevention information and serve as an open forum between excavators, utility owners, locators, and other interested parties to discuss projects, concerns, and trends in the specific geographical areas without the need to leave the jobsite or the office.
Our aim is to assist more stakeholders in meeting their daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Below is the upcoming schedule of teleconferences, and the areas they represent. If you see that you missed or will be unable to participate in the regionalized teleconference for your county, you are welcome to attend any of the other scheduled Damage Prevention Teleconferences for that month.  MISS DIG 811 is also interested in what you think would be a good topic for future Damage Prevention Conferences.  If you have an idea for a future topic, please contact us by email at or by calling the MISS DIG 811 Education Department at (248)370-6404.


Conference Topics by Month

  • MISS DIG Topic: Positive Response-
  • Consumers Energy Topic: Complimentary Safety Training:  Gas & Electric Hazard Awareness-
  • MISS DIG Topic: Web Ticket Programs, Project Tickets, and Hand Exposing-
  • Consumers Energy Topic: Carbon Monoxide


MISS DIG Regional Damage Prevention Safety Calls Schedule


Although teleconferences are listed by region, feel free to attend any session. 

Please include your company name in the message line of your RSVP.
Conferencing Phone Number: (248)247-7235
Conference ID: 672450


If you have any questions about these calls, or need any assistance in fulfilling your damage prevention requirements, MISS DIG Subject Matter Experts are available to provide support, conduct presentations, and offer resources that can be distributed to your staff. We look forward to working with you.


East/Central Michigan – Paul Harding: (248) 370-6426,

Northern Michigan – Colleen Goddard: (906) 789-3083,

West/Central Michigan – Linda Portelli: (248) 370-6441,

Education Manager- Gwen Knowles: (248) 370-6404,

Director of Marketing – Bruce Campbell: (248) 370-6446,


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Damage Prevention Associations (DPA)

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Are groups of local excavating contractors, landscapers, locators, municipalities, utility companies and MISS DIG who meet on an ongoing basis to share information, receive training, network and problem solve.