Public Act 174 Dispute Assistance Form

*Formerly known as CAP

This form is provided to the public as an optional tool to identify a dispute arising under the MISS DIG Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act, 2013 PA 174; MCL 460.721 et seq. (Act 174).  Section 11(2) of Act 174; MCL 460.731(2) requires that a person seeking to file a complaint with the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) under the act must first make an effort to settle the dispute with any adverse parties.  A person may elect to use this form to describe a dispute and provide relevant background information to an adverse party as a way to begin the settlement process or any other form the person so choses.  MISS DIG takes no responsibility for the information in the form or transmittal of the form to any person.  Miss Dig shall have no role or responsibility in the settlement discussions among any other persons including those using this form, regarding a potential complaint to the MPSC.  Upon request and subject to all parties having so agreed*, MISS DIG will assist a person in making contact with a facility owner about a possible dispute arising under Act 174.

Please keep in mind while filling out this form that the MISS DIG System, Inc. serves as a message handling notification system to notify facility owners of proposed excavation activities. MISS DIG takes information about planned excavations and distributes that information to facility owners. It is then the responsibility of each facility owner to mark the approximate location of their facilities at the excavation site.

* Completion and submission of this Dispute Assistance Form constitutes the stakeholder's consent to MISS DIG submitting this Dispute Assistance Form to a facility owner. 

NOTE: MISS DIG neither owns nor marks any underground facilities.

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