MISS DIG has more than 1,100 member facilities, each of which knows the importance of protecting the underground infrastructure and public safety. Commitment from all stakeholders contributes to the success of our Damage Prevention program and helps promote safe digging. 


One aspect of the State’s Damage Prevention Program is local Damage Prevention Associations (DPA’s) lead by MISS DIG 811’s Education team. These local groups are typically comprised of excavators, utility operators, municipalities, utility locators, engineering firms, and other industry stakeholders. DPA’s are regional groups throughout the state who meet on a regular basis. At these meetings a forum is held where stakeholders can share information and perspectives, which provides an optimal environment to work together on damage prevention issues. In promoting a spirit of shared responsibility, regional DPAs welcome all stakeholders who would like to be a part of the damage prevention solution.

Under Public Act 174 of 2013 the requirements for who is required to be a member can be found in Sec. 4. (4) “Facility owners and facility operators shall be members of and participate in the notification system and pay the fees levied by the notification system under this section. This obligation and the requirements of this act for facility owners and facility operators do not apply to persons owning or operating a facility located on real property the person owns or occupies if the facility is operated solely for the benefit of that person.” 


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