MISS DIG 811 Design Program

Are you a contractor, facility owner, or design/engineering firm? Do you plan large excavation projects? Would it be nice to know where the underground facilities are in the area of your project? Would knowing the location of the facilities in the area during the planning stage save you time and money? Consider submitting a design ticket!

Design accounts are free for members of MISS DIG 811. If you are not a member, we offer an associate membership. The cost of a Design Associate Membership is $100 for the first design account held by a company and $25 for each additional account.

With a design account, you can submit and monitor design tickets. Like our Remote Ticket Entry (RTE) accounts, new users will receive web-based training prior to gaining access to input tickets.

With a design or RTE Account, users have access to Near Ticket. Launched in early 2017, Near Ticket populates all requests in the area of a ticket that you have placed. This feature is especially helpful for planning purposes, as it could indicate new facilities being added in the area, allow for coordination with other contractors, or change the timeline or scope of project to meet future needs of the area.


What is a Design Ticket?

Once you place a design ticket, facility owners/operators have 21 days to respond. The obligation of the facility owner/operator is to first determine whether they have facilities in the design area, and then to provide drawings or records for the area as described by designer. If a facility owner/operator determines they do not have sufficient drawings or records, then they will arrange for the marking of their facilities and coordinate with designer. If the designer determines that the drawings or records are not sufficient, the designer can request that the facility owner/operator mark their facilities. All communication regarding design tickets will be between the designer and the facility owner/operator.


Facility Owner/Operators

if you are a facility owner/operator and want to submit an application to enter Design tickets.

Engineering/Design Firm

if you are an Engineering / Design Firm and want to submit an application to enter Design tickets.


Design Program Membership Requirements:

  • Before activation of a design account, all new users are required to participate in a two-hour online training session with a MISS DIG 811 Education Specialist.
  • To maintain the integrity of the design ticket process, design accounts are unique to each user. Existing users should not share their account credentials with new users.
  • A fee of up to $150 may be imposed for training cancellation.
  • If your company does not hold the correct membership with MISS DIG 811 to participate in this program, we will contact you to adjust or establish your membership.

Already a Member and Looking for More information?

  • Login for a design account is the same as for Remote Ticket Entry; rte.missdig811.org
  • Check out the video below for a refresher course:

Design Ticket Instructional Video

Design Code Application for Receipt of Tickets- For Facility Owner/ Operators Only

If you are a Utility Company/Municipality or facility owner and required to participate in receipt of Design Tickets as defined in Public Act 174 effective April 1, 2014, please fill out the form below:

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