Mapping Confirmation

By April 1, 2017, the transition of all facility member codes to mapped databases must be complete. After that date, the use of an ALWAYS notification setting in your database will not protect your underground facilities.

To assist our membership with this upgrade and to assure the April 1, 2017 deadline is met, we have replicated the ALWAYS notification setting of your code(s) by outlining or overlapping the municipal boundary of the PLACE(s) set at ALWAYS in your notification report. This transition was only for the city, township or village (PLACES) that were set at ALWAYS notification.  PLACES that were already at the LEVEL notification setting were not affected.

Please note that if shapes we added overlap municipal boundaries, you may receive dig notifications outside of your current area of notification. To confirm that you are aware of these changes, please complete the below form. If you choose not to participate, the shapes will become active on April 1, 2017.