What is MISS DIG Mapping Specialist?

The MISS DIG mapping support specialist was created to support your goal to right-size your area of notification.

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How can the MISS DIG Mapping Specialists help me?


MISS DIG mapping support is available to support mapping activities with User Guides, online videos and one-on-one assistance.



How to Polygon

Use Google to make .kml

Mapping Mentor Request Form:


Mapping Tools and Data needed to right-size

MISS DIG mapping support uses GIS (Geographic Information System) tools to upload your underground facility location data.

Members can provide:

  • GIS data (.shp  or  .kml data)
  • kml data from Google maps
  • Maps

Members can also self-map their facility locations with MISS DIG provided software!

Have Questions about Right-Sizing and Mapping?

Contact the MISS DIG 811 Member Services Department by email at  mapping@missdig.org or by phone at (800) 482-7161.