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What does it mean to be a member?

MISS DIG has more than 1300 active members. Each understands the importance of safeguarding underground infrastructure and their responsibility to public safety. The commitment of all stakeholders contributes to the success of the MISS DIG 811 system and promotes safe digging.

Our members matter! Contact us as often as you need for system support and notification solutions.

See your Member User Manual for key information about MISS DIG 811 Member ticket receipt, ticket format, maintenance account use, and other pertinent information including holiday and after-hours procedures. Don’t have the latest copy? Please use this link to download a hardcopy of this manual for yourself and others within your organization who are tasked with monitoring and responding to dig notifications (tickets).

The requirements for membership can be found in Sec. 4. (4) of Public Act 174 of 2013:
“Facility owners and facility operators shall be members of and participate in the notification system and pay the fees levied by the notification system under this section. This obligation and the requirements of this act for facility owners and facility operators do not apply to persons owning or operating a facility located on real property the person owns or occupies if the facility is operated solely for the benefit of that person.”

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Please update your manual often with user guides that are available via your Remote Member Access (RMA) accounts and any other supplemental information you find on this website.
For questions or member code and account issues, please contact us at membersupport@missdig811.org or phone 800.482.7161.
We are available for assistance from 7:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.
If you are currently a member, click HERE to report your Underground Mileage for 2018