Shape File Import NOTES and REQUIREMENTS

Please complete and return his form with your shape file

STEP 1 - Review this information prior to submitting form

  • Unless noted otherwise, polygon shape files are imported without buffering.
  • Line and point shape files will be buffered upon import by a minimum of 250 feet from centerline. If greater than 250 ft is needed, state it below.
  • Submit data using NAD83 or WGS84 Datum with a coordinate reference system of Latitude/Longitude. 
  • Shapes submitted for a single member code may include data for multiple counties.
  • List ALL counties affected by the new file including the counties you are overwriting with no data; i.e. the new file containing no shapes included in the county.
  • Unless instructed to the contrary, all imports will be completed when received.  All changes are live to your active database.

How to upload a .shp or .kml layer for import