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The MISS DIG “Positive Response” program was originally introduced in 2003 with participation in the program voluntary for Facility owner/operators. Effective April 1, 2014, as defined in Sec. 3 (X) & detailed in Sec. 6 (3) & Sec. 7 (3) of Public act 174, participation by Facility owner/operators is now required


Positive response is a system housed at the MISS DIG notification system that will allow Facility owner/operators or their authorized locating contractor to provide status of dig notices sent to them by MISS DIG. Once the Facility owner/operator or the locating contractor determines the status of the dig notice (such as no conflict or marked) they can then post that response to the system. The posted status is then attached to the dig notice and stored on the Positive Response server. The posted status can then be retrieved by the requester of the dig notice via the Internet, response.missdig.org or by using the interactive voice response (IVR) system via a touch-tone phone, 800-763-3888.

Facility owner/operator

Positive Response posting is available using the following methods:

  • The Internet via a login password
  • TCP

Positive Response Training Video


For the excavator (the requestor of the ticket), this means when a response status has been posted to the dig notice, the excavator will then be able to check the status of the dig notice prior to starting the work. The excavator can check the status by using the Internet option or by calling the IVR. The IVR option could also be used from the job site to determine that the absence of markings by a specific facility may be the result of a "Clear" provided by that member and posted to the Positive Response system.

Response Types


Attention: The following color coding and response code definitions are in effect as of 3/1/15
GREEN- Dig with caution following PA174 requirements
YELLOW- Contact facility owner operator, Dig with caution following PA174 requirements
RED- Do not Dig

Response descriptions for NEW and RXMT Ticket Types:

  • RESPONSE PENDING (000) - System generated default response attached to initial request
  • NO CONFLICT (001) - Facility is outside of stated area/scope of excavation
  • MARKED (002) - Facilities have been marked
  • NOT COMPLETE (003) - None or some of the facilities have been marked, more time needed, coordination or assistance required to complete locating of facility
  • MARKED-UTILITY REQUIRED ON SITE DURING EXCAVATION (004) - Facility owner operator required to be on site when excavating within noted scope of work for this specific facility
  • ON GOING COORDINATION (005) - On-going mutual cooperation between facility owner operator and excavator
  • NOT MARKED-NO ACCESS TO WORK AREA (006) -Facility owner operator could not get access to work area, and requires coordination with excavator
  • STATED SCOPE OF WORK COMPLETE (007) - Facility owner operator confirmed stated scope of work found completed prior to dig start date
  • FACILITY RESPONSE NOT REQUIRED (008) - For RXMT locate requests only (retransmitted at the excavators request) and intended for specific facility or facilities that have NOT been requested to locate. Example- the RXMT locate request states “Locate Gas and Electric only”. In this case, all other facility owners (water, sewer, telephone, cable TV, etc.) would respond with "FACILITY RESPONSE NOT REQUIRED". Facilities that were requested (Gas and Electric) would choose from one of the other possible valid positive responses
  • ADDITIONAL LOCATING REQUIRED (009) - Facility owner discovered field conditions require additional locating and will communicate with excavator on resolution of additional locating issues
  • EXEMPT FROM MARKING (010) - As defined in Public Act 174 Section 460.727 Sec. 7 (9). This is a system generated response
  • NOT MARKED-EXCAVATOR CONTACTED FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (011) -Facility owner operator reached out to excavator as noted on the locate request and requires additional information to properly complete locate request. Excavator required to contact facility owner/operator
  • CANCELED (013) - System generated response indicating the dig notice was canceled
  • HAS NOT RESPONDED (999) - System generated response indicating the facility owner operator has not responded to the request

Response descriptions for Design Tickets:

  • DESIGN-NO FACILITIES (201) – No Facilities in area as described in the scope of excavation
  • DESIGN-TASK COMPLETED (202) – Facility Owner/Operator sent record drawings to designer
  • DESIGN-MARKING REQUIRED (203) – See Public Act 174 Sec. 6a paragraph (3)

(3) The response to a design ticket is to provide general information regarding the location of underground facilities, not to mark any facilities. However, if a facility owner or operator does not have drawings or records that show the location of a facility, the facility owner or operator shall mark that facility under the procedures described in section 7. A design ticket or information provided in response to a design ticket does not satisfy the requirement under this act for excavation or blasting notice to the notification system or marking the approximate location of facilities for blasting or excavation.

Note: Amended 11/16/15 for addition of code 011; 7/20/15 to clarify use of code 007 & 008; 4/27/15 for addition of response 010