Remote Access

The Remote Member Access Program provides access to the MISS DIG System during hours that are convenient to the member to research and query tickets, check on the status of delivery queues, view member Notification areas, perform database maintenance, and much more.

With RMA, members have the ability to perform ticket searches from a 6 year database. Not to be confused with Remote Ticket Entry, RMA allows members to access tickets they are responsible for locating, while RTE allows users (excavators/contractors) to access tickets they have requested/created.

Firm requirements are important in the use of the RMA Program. MISS DIG System always has the option of disconnecting the individual user if the guidelines are not followed.


  1. Users must have a working knowledge of the MISS DIG System and the basic information required for its operation. 
  2. MISS DIG System reserves the right to suspend RMA privileges anytime and without notice to the RMA user or its organization. The primary reason for suspension of RMA privileges will be repeated security violations.
  3. The user understands and agrees that all information retrieved from the MISS DIG System will be used in strict compliance with Public Act 174.

System Access: 

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