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Tired of waiting on hold to place your MISS DIG 811 Locate Requests when you have other tasks to complete?  Would you like to be able to place as many tickets as needed without being told that there is a limit on new locate requests of 1 per call?  Do you like the idea of being able to place a MISS DIG 811 ticket from your PC or laptop at your own convenience? If so, then Remote Ticket Entry is the choice for you!

Remote Ticket Entry (RTE) allows authorized contractors and MISS DIG Members to enter Dig Notice requests over the Internet 24/7.  With basic access, regular 3 business-day tickets can be entered.  RTE Users have convenient access to: 

  • Ticket Search – print copies of tickets.
  • Positive Response - Utilities post responses to ticket requests
  • Ticket Entry at your convenience: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • Ticket Entry on any computer or laptop, supported with an HTML5 browser

To place tickets using Remote Ticket Entry, each applicant is required to attend a 90 minute (time is approximate) online training session. Only one user per log in.

All tickets must be placed in accordance with the MISS DIG System Inc. rules, regulations, and guidelines, as well as the Michigan state law, Public Act 174.

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Individual homeowners and excavators that do not have authorization must call 811 or 1-800-482-7171 to process requests.  They can also enter single address requests online at


Are you interested in seeing what tickets have been entered in the area near of your project?  

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