The e-Suite is where MISS DIG 811 keeps their e-Tools. Anyone can use these tools without an account. For more information on a particular e-Tool please click on the poster to view a short video.


  • e-Locate - Place an e-Locate request for a single address to be marked with paint, flags, or both identifying the approximate location of facilities located on the property.e-Suite Information - MISS DIG System, Inc. - f-24-7-18605637_coljGuwI_e-Locate_Poster

  • e-Nearby - An e-Nearby allows the user to Inquire about digging projects that are happening near an area where they are planning to dig. The user will still need to place their own ticket for their project even though it may have been previously marked.  It can also be used to find out why flags/paint marks are on a property.e-Suite Information - MISS DIG System, Inc. - f-24-8-18605637_zcRzgdje_e-Nearby_Poster

  • e-OHA – Place an e-OHA when overhead electric lines are in the way of the user's project, and they are unable to keep a safe distance from the wires. MISS DIG 811 arranges a meeting with participating electric companies to assist users in staying safe.e-Suite Information - MISS DIG System, Inc. - f-24-9-18605637_dfywYRFo_e-OHA_Poster

  • e-PlanPlacing an e-Plan will help the user plan an upcoming project at a single address when the digging is not being done within the next 14 days.  The facility owners have ten business days to provide blueprints to the user, so facilities that may be in the way of a project can be identified to help the user decide the best location.e-Suite Information - MISS DIG System, Inc. - f-24-10-18605637_0u3zNzrZ_e-Plan_Poster

  • e-ResponseSelect e-Response to check the status of your ticket in Positive Response. You will need your ticket number from your service request.  Positive Response is an online tool where facility owners record the facility locating, they've done by placing paint, flags, or both.e-Suite Information - MISS DIG System, Inc. - f-24-20-18605637_qvmmWB5Y_e-Response_Poster