MISS DIG 811 Education Department

The Mission of the MISS DIG 811 Education department is to educate, create advocacy, and increase awareness of safe digging practices to prevent damage to underground facilities.

The Education Department Team

Contact the Education Department by calling 248-724-5851
email education@missdig811.org or by calling the numbers listed below:
Gail Wyckhouse, Education Manager
(248) 370-6424
Colleen Goddard, Community Outreach Education Specialist
(906) 789-3083
Paul Harding, Community Outreach Education Specialist
(248) 370-6426
Linda Portelli, Education Specialist West/Central Michigan
(248) 370-6441
David Bowen, Education Specialist East/Central Michigan
(248) 370-6440
Eric Urbain, Education Specialist West/South West Michigan
(248) 370-6422
Pat Goddard, Education Specialist Upper Peninsula & Northern Lower Michigan
(906) 553-0033
Brianna Kirby, Education Coordinator

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