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Education Mobile Unit (E.M.U.)

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The Educational Mobile Unit  (E.M.U.)


Last year MISS DIG 811 contracted to have the Educational Mobile Unit (E.M.U.) created. The E.M.U. was made for the purpose of educating the public on underground safety. However, in the process we were able to create some educational fun too. The Educational Mobile Unit will be performing in public for the first time in 2021.

One of our most influential members of our communities are our children and we wanted to engage these young ones in the fun of learning about becoming Underground Superheroes.

The E.M.U. has many learning activities to engage everyone, young and old, using videos, hands on activities, virtual reality, corn hole and plinko games. We created a coloring book and a passport to move the learner through a variety of activities to finally be awarded the prestigious title of Underground Superhero.

The Education Mobile Unit was created to travel throughout the state to bring awareness to buried underground utilities and how each and everyone of us can be a superhero in our own neighborhoods.

We travel upon request to schools, annual meetings, home improvement stores, local neighborhoods and much, much more. Look for us in a neighborhood near you or contact us for a visit from the E.M.U. at  education@missdig811.org   or call


The Marine Ticket

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MISS DIG 811 has developed a Marine Ticket to help prevent damage to underwater facilities that cross or lie in our bodies of water. The Marine Ticket is designed to create a line of communication between the excavator, locator, and the facility owner/operator. Through this continuous line of communication, the goal is damage protection of facilities and the protection of Michigan’s environment and aquatic ecosystems.

To place a Marine Ticket call 811 and speak to one of our Notification System Representatives. You may also place a Marine Ticket by being a Remote Ticket Entry Full Access Member.

For more information, please contact Education Specialist Pat Goddard at pgoddard@missdig811.org  or 906-553-0033

Facts about our Great Lake State:

  • You are never more than 6 miles away from a body of water
  • You are never more than 85 miles from a Great Lake
  • 3,288 miles of shoreline
  • 11,000 inland lakes
  • 40,000 square miles of water surface
  • 80 public harbors
  • 400 private marinas
  • A boater is never more than 30 miles from a harborWhat's New - MISS DIG System, Inc. - Hydrological_and_Pipeline_Maps

Digging In: MISS DIG 811 podcast

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"Digging In" - MISS DIG 811 Podcast MISS DIG 811 is excited to announce a new platform for information, education, and damage prevention! MISS DIG 811 released their first “Digging In” podcast episode on October 12. New episodes will follow weekly on Monday at 10am. Tune in to each segment, hosted by Eric Urbain, MISS DIG 811 Education Specialist. The programs will center around a particular topic or feature interviews with industry professionals or various facility owners/operators regarding damage prevention.
The podcast will be available on the platforms below for your educational and listening enjoyment.