MISS DIG 811 Education Department

The Mission of the MISS DIG 811 Education department is to educate, create advocacy, and increase awareness of safe digging practices to prevent damage to underground facilities.

MISS DIG 811 Schedule of Upcoming Events

Check dates and times below and your inbox for announcements regarding teleconferences, DPAs and certification workshop locations.

Conferencing Phone Number: (248)724-5800
Conference ID: 827817

Click on this link if you need help registering yourself into a workshop: https://youtu.be/9hur0pS1NaQ 

Click on this link if you need help registering multiple people into a workshop: https://youtu.be/rwavTFqvE7g

If you have any questions about these events or need any assistance in fulfilling your damage prevention requirements, MISS DIG 811 Education Specialistsare available to provide support, conduct presentations, and offer resources that can be distributed to your staff. We look forward to working with you.

Remember, safe digging is no accident!
We hope that you will join us soon to become MISS DIG 811 Certified!


The Marine Ticket

Michigan’s 3,288 miles of freshwater coastlines are the largest in the United States. Its coastlines are second only to the State of Alaska. Many pipelines and cables cross these bodies of water which includes rivers, streams, ponds, marshes, wetlands, inland lakes and of course the Great Lakes. At MISS DIG 811 we have developed a Marine Ticket to help protect and keep underwater facilities that cross or lie in these bodies of water from damage and in return protect our environment and ecosystems. The Marine Ticket is designed to create a line of communication between the excavator, locator and the facility owner/operator. Through this continuous line of communication, the goal is damage protection of facilities and the protection of Michigan’s aquatic ecosystems.

For more information please contact MISS DIG 811’s Education Department.

Parcel Data has Arrived!

Parcel Data is now available for some counties in Michigan. When the base maps are updated annually, available parcel data will also be included. The map shows the counties that have parcel data; red indicates that the parcel data includes addresses, whereas the blue indicates parcel outline only. Just less than 80% of the parcels contain the address with the parcel outline.

Parcel data is an added feature to the ticket entry screen to determine your precise job location when mapping a MISS DIG 811 locate request. Remote Ticket Entry users can learn more by contacting Stephanie Boe in the RTE Department at sboe@missdig811.org



MISS DIG 811 Field Basics Module!

We are pleased to announce the MISS DIG 811 Field Basics Module:

  • 20-minute video with quiz
  • Gold Shovel Standard approved
  • Informative for field workers and new employee onboarding
  • Certificate good for 1 year

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MISS DIG 811 LIVE! Teleconferences

The Education Team has discontinued MISS DIG 811 LIVE! Teleconferences.  We are planning a new format which will be announced in the fall.  Stay tuned!!

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  • MISS DIG Topic: MISS DIG 811 Tools & Resources including Enhanced Positive Response, Near Ticket, Web Ticket Management System, e-Suite
July 2017
  • MISS DIG Topic: How do I know when it's safe to dig? What should I do when it's not?
June 2017
  • MISS DIG Topic: NEAR TICKET- giving you the ability to see what tickets were placed in the area of your project.
May 2017
April 2017
  • MISS DIG Topic: Scope of Work including changes to utility pole guidelines
March 2017
  • MISS DIG Topic: Cross Bores & Requirements for Detection of New Facilities


MISS DIG 811 Safe Excavation Practices Certification Program

The MISS DIG 811 Safe Excavation Practices Certification Program offers excavators training and information on several safety and facility damage prevention topics at no cost. The MISS DIG 811 Certification satisfies the training portion of your company's Safety Management System which is one of the requirements of being Gold Shovel Standard Certified. It can also be a positive statement to your customers.

In addition to the online Safe Excavation Practices Certification course, Education Specialists present the certification course on the road with the Safe Excavation Practices Workshops at a location near you! The live workshops meet requirements for Continuing Education Credits (CECs) for Professional Engineers, Surveyors, Drinking Water, Wastewater, Residential Builders, Builders Prelicensure, Landscape Architect, Residential Maintenance & Alternation Contractor and Residential Maintenance & Alternation Contractor Prelicensure. (See the Schedule of Upcoming Events below) You can also request that an Education Specialist come to you and your employees at whatever location you would like.


Member Benefits: Remote Member Access

Member facilities interested in learning more about Remote Member Access (RMA) to the MISS DIG 811 system should contact Member Support at membersupport@missdig811.org
MISS DIG 811 has several different Membership Options Available Click on the link to access information about the different types of membership and to print the documents needed. 

New!! - URL or Comment Required on Select Positive Responses

After September 29, 2019, locators will be required to provide a URL or a Comment when using Positive Response Codes that have asterisks by them.  View SAMPLE RESPONSES.


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The Education Department Team

Contact the Education Department by calling 811 Ext. 2,5 email education@missdig811.org or by calling the numbers listed below:
Gail Wyckhouse, Education Manager
(248) 370-6424
Colleen Goddard, Community Outreach Education Specialist
(906) 789-3083
Paul Harding, Community Outreach Education Specialist
(248) 370-6426
Linda Portelli, Education Specialist West/Central Michigan
(248) 370-6441
David Bowen, Education Specialist East/Central Michigan
(248) 370-6440
Pat Goddard, Education Specialist Upper Peninsula & Northern Lower Michigan
(906) 553-0033
Stephanie Boe, RTE/EEP
(248) 370-6427
Cassandra Farley, Education Curriculum Development & Training Coach
(248) 370-6421
Patty Preston, Trainer
Sandy Gunville, Trainer
Brianna Kirby, Education Coordinator