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The Design Program was originally introduced in 2006 as a voluntary program to open the lines of communication between design/engineering firms and facility owners/operators. As of April 1st, 2014, participation in this program is now mandatory for all facility owners/operators as defined in Public Act 174 of 2013.



The obligation of the facility owner/operator is to first determine whether or not they have facilities in the design area, and then to provide drawings or records for the area as described by the design/engineering firm.  If a) the facility owner/operator determines that they do not have sufficient drawings or records, they will arrange for the markings of their facilities and coordinate with the design/engineering firm; b) the design/engineering firm determines that the drawings or records are insufficient, they can request the facility owner/operator mark their facilities. All communication regarding design requests are to be between the design/engineering firm and the facility owner/operator.


Facility owner/operators are required to reply to a design ticket request within 21 calendar days. Facility owners/operators will be requested to post one of the following responses to every design ticket received:

  • Design-No Facilities (Code 201 definition: No facilities in area as described in the scope of excavation)
  • Design-Task Completed (Code 202 definition: Facility owner/operator sent record drawings to designer)
  • Design-Marking Required (Code 203 definition: See Intent of Purpose)



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