At least 3 business days prior to conducting excavation on your property contact MISS DIG 811 by using e-Locate, 811 or 1-800-482-7171.

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When doing projects around your house, digging without knowing where underground utility lines are buried can be very risky. When underground lines are damaged, vital services and everyday conveniences can become disconnected, not only to your home but to entire neighborhoods and, sometimes, whole subdivisions.

Don’t risk harming yourself, your family or your neighbors. When planning an excavation project, simply dial 811 or 800-482-7171 at least 72 hours (three working days) before you plan to start your work.

We will notify most underground utility providers, who will send professional locators out to mark the approximate location of their utility lines. Then you can dig confidently, knowing the utilities will not be disturbed. The call is simple, free and IT’S THE LAW! Know what’s below, call 811 before you dig! If you would prefer to enter your ticket electronically you can use our quick and easy e-Locate application to place your locate request. 

You will be required to answer some questions when you contact MISS DIG 811, including:

  • Your name and phone number.
  • The contractor or person doing the work.
  • The geographical location (county and city, village, or township) of the work area.
  • The address where the work will be done.
  • Nearest cross streets to the work site
  • The type of work being done; for example, installing a fence or building a deck.
  • Information about the project area that identifies the boundaries for the utility representatives; for example, locate underground utility lines 100 feet from the north side of the house; locate underground utility lines in the entire yard; or locate underground utility lines in the front yard.



State of Michigan Utility Color Code

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A Reminder to Parents!

Homeowners - MISS DIG System, Inc. - mascotThe colorful flags used to mark underground utility lines can be very attractive to young children. Remind your children not to remove the utility flag markings. If your child happens to pull out the utility flags, do not attempt to place the flags back in the ground. Never assume you remember where the flags were located. If the flags are accidentally removed, call MISS DIG 811 at 811 or 800-482-7171 and indicate you need the utility lines in your yard marked again.