What Happens After a Locate Request is Placed

Make sure your property is accessible, because within three working days of placing your locate request with MISS DIG 811, a representative from each member utility company will mark the location of their underground lines with paint and/or flags. The utilities are only required to mark the lines that they own, not privately installed utilities such as connections to a garage or workshop.

Note: Utility locators should always have clearly visible identification and rarely need to enter your home to complete a locate request. MISS DIG 811 personnel do not visit dig sites and do not locate underground lines.

When Can I Start My Project?

You cannot begin your excavation before the start time on your locate request, even if all utilities have been marked. The start time is typically three working days after your locate request was placed. A working day is defined as 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, not including holidays. 


You are required to check Positive Response before digging, so be sure to keep your ticket number, provided to you when placing your locate request, to verify your Positive Response Status before digging. Positive response is a system housed at the MISS DIG 811 notification system that allows Facility owner/operators or their authorized locating contractor to provide status of locate requests sent to them by MISS DIG 811. Once the Facility owner/operator or the locating contractor determines the status of the locate request (such as clear or marked) they can then post that response to the system. The posted status is then attached to the locate request and stored on the Positive Response server. The posted status can then be retrieved by the requester of the dig notice via the Internet, or by using the interactive voice response (IVR) system via a touch-tone phone. You are required to verify the Positive Response Status of your ticket before you begin excavation. To verify your Positive Response Status visit response.missdig.org or call 800-763-3888 and follow the voice prompts.

Excavation must commence within 14 calendar days of the dig start date on the MISS DIG 811 ticket. A new ticket must be obtained if excavation has not occurred within that time frame.