Members have a variety of ways to access training material on both the MISS DIG 811 process and the tools available to them. The links below provide you with quick reference to a variety of topics, as well as forms for the establishment of new membership or new codes. We encourage members to utilize and complete the trainings available through Skillbuilder, which is the MISS DIG 811 curriculum platform.

Remote Member Access Certified Users

There are different types of Remote Member Access (RMA) accounts available to the membership. These trainings are designed to provide a MISS DIG 811 member who has established an RMA account with the skills and understanding needed to fully utilize the features available within their specific account.



As the COVID-19 situation progresses, MISS DIG 811 is adapting to meet the needs of our members. In return, we ask that our members maintain accurate contact information for their codes, allowing us to provide necessary updates and reach out to address issues in a timely manner. Contacts can be updated using the available RMA accounts. 


MISS DIG 811 asks the excavating community for assistance in supporting the State of Michigan during the shelter-in-place order from our Governor, reminding excavators that all gas, electric, telephone, and MDOT projects are considered "critical infrastructure" and essential under Executive Order 2020-21.We ask ONLY those doing work essential to the needs of our state and infrastructure to place tickets and to postpone all non-essential digging, such as gardening and DIY projects.  


Though we’ve asked contractors to postpone work that is not considered essential, please remember that as a facility owner/operator, locating and posting a response to dig notices is required under Public Act 174 of 2013. The following documents have been put together to assist our members:


Establishing Free Member Codes


Excavators Returning to Work Best Practices


TCF Center Press Release 04 13 2020


Temporary Emergency Medical Site Work Type Best Practice


Temporary Positive Response Best Practice



Membership Manual