MISS DIG 811 Services

MISS DIG 811 offers many programs and services to its members and excavators who frequently place tickets.

Collaborative Design

Adapting to the needs of a changing world, the Collaborative Design Program of MISS DIG 811 is a holistic approach to coordination that optimizes the engagement of all current and future infrastructure owners maximizing the investment and minimizing disruption to hard surfaces, existing infrastructure and the public.

Overhead Assistance

In March of 2016, MIOSHA amended STD-1307.  This affected Part 10 for cranes and derricks and Part 15 for excavators, hoists, helicopters, and conveyors.  The minimum clearance distance from overhead lines has changed.
If you cannot maintain a minimum clearance distance from any overhead electric lines with the equipment you will be using on the job, please visit elocate.missdig811.org.
MISS DIG 811 will notify any member facility owners who participate in the program of the request for an overhead assistance appointment between the excavators with the electric company.  Please be aware that appointments must be scheduled during the work week between 9 AM and 3 PM.

Remote Access

The Remote Member Access Program provides access to the MISS DIG System during hours that are convenient to the member to research and query tickets, check on the status of delivery queues, view member Notification areas, perform database maintenance, and much more.

Remote Ticket Entry

Remote Ticket Entry (RTE) allows authorized contractors and MISS DIG 811 Members to enter Dig Notice requests over the Internet 24/7.  With basic access, regular 3 business-day tickets can be entered.  RTE Users have convenient access to: 


  • Ticket Search – print copies of tickets.
  • Positive Response - Utilities post responses to ticket requests
  • Ticket Entry at your convenience: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • Ticket Entry on any computer or laptop, supported with an HTML5 browser

Research Requests

If your ticket life has expired and you need a copy of your ticket, the MISS DIG 811 Research Department will, for a fee, search the archived requests. Expect a research to take one to two weeks after payment is received. Information on your live tickets is available through the Positive Response System.