Overhead Assistance

In March of 2016, MIOSHA amended STD-1307.  This affected Part 10 for cranes and derricks and Part 15 for excavators, hoists, helicopters, and conveyors.  The minimum clearance distance from overhead lines has changed.
If you cannot maintain a minimum clearance distance from any overhead electric lines with the equipment you will be using on the job, please visit esuite.missdig811.org.
MISS DIG 811 will notify any member facility owners who participate in the program of the request for an overhead assistance appointment between the excavators with the electric company.  Please be aware that appointments must be scheduled during the work week between 9 AM and 3 PM.
Please refer to the tables below to see what the minimum clearance distance is.  You may also refer to the MIOSHA Fact Sheet Highlights for Cranes and Derricks Standard. As well as the Contractor’s Directory to Overhead Power Line Safety Information.


Overhead Assistance - MISS DIG System, Inc. - Table_A


Overhead Assistance - MISS DIG System, Inc. - Table_B